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USA:   Searching   for   friends   and   Groups


Emerald Raven




Merry meet! I am an Eclectic Witch with emphasis on Celtic and Correllian Wicca. I run a local online group for Arizona pagans called Desert Witches. I love making new friends and welcome any emails. Brightest Blessings!





I'm a eclectic pagan of about 10 years. Have alot of general knowledge, and am looking for someone that wants to be a working partner.

Lady StarWoulfe

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I'm a 48y/o practicing Witch in the Mohsian tradition, in the deserts of Arizona. I am forming my own coven this month and am anxious to begin teaching the ways of the Olde Ones.

Fiona Juliet

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I'm seeking some other interested people in the Tucson area to begin a "study" group of sorts. It doesn't matter which Path you follow, as long as you're interested in learning about other beliefs. This kind of thing would be great for those who don't know which way is right for them. It would give one a chance to explore different options and find a good fit for one's spiritual needs.






I am a 30 year old I have been practiseing and learning every day for ruffly 3 year's now and am just looking for freinds to chat with online, I have to girls and am married I enjoy beening out door's and I am a very quite person till I am riled up okay I am at a loss on what to write :O)


Ann-Michelle Bird

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I'm interested in finding any covens, groups, organizations or people in my area that are like minded. My interests and inclinations are towards the native american cultures, since my worship is primarily outdoors and my rituals tend to be around yearly firewalks, full moon ceremonies, soltice celebrations, women's healing circles, guided meditations and animal medicine. I have a hard time meeting men who think like me. I am considered to be a bit odd by a lot of my acquaintances. I am in the media business, and don't tend to form long term personal realationships with people I work with. I know I was a witch in a previous life (and was burned for it) and I am one in this life. I am strongly attracted to the celtic goddess forms such as wicca, pagan, etc, but need more guidance. I am occasionally gifted with 'the sight' and am considered clairsensitive. I'm over 50, but look and act 40. I treat my body as the temple that the Goddess gave me to use in this life and I am blessed with not only being very healthy and fit, but also very attractive, vibrant and alive! Any thing else you want to know about me just ask. I want to meet people in my area like me, looking for people like myself who worship outside, who have specific rituals they do and want to share it with an avid student of the goddess and metaphysical. I would also like to meet my mate, I know he's out there somewhere.



County:Sonoma County


I'm 17 year old female. I have been practing most of my life. I was a member of a coven, but it got darkened by sex and lust from some members. I am looking to start my own coven but there isn't may Wiccans near me that I know about. I love to read and write. I am a junior at 'Seeds of Change', where my teacher happens to be Pagan. I hope to meet someone near me. Blessed Be!


City:sherman oaks

County:Los Angeles


I have always known I was a witch. I have been fighting it my whole life because of my Catholic upbringing. I receive signs daily that this is the life I was supposed to live. I have been on a path that has finally brought me here. No more guilt! I need to read and learn, but learn best when in the company of experienced people. Looking for a coven. My roommate is on the same page. We found each other by (CHANCE?) and want to find a place to go to celebrate the seasons, the moon, and our Goddess. We live in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Seeking a coven so we can learn and grow. We have been successful in our rituals so far, but want to make sure we are doing things right! We need teachers and guidance, as well as comrodery.





Marilyn Brown




Right now I am just looking for a friend of a like mind who I can bounce ideas off of, share thoughts with and learn from. I'd like to start off by chatting, emailing or other ways, just to share how we think and different ways of doing things. THANKS


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City: Cumming

County: Forsyth

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I am 17 and I live in North Ga. I have been a solitare Wiccan for 5 years. I have never been in a coven but that doesn't mean that I don't want to. I don't really know that many pagans or wiccans around me. I have many interest and I am open to new ones. I love star gazing, astronomy, drawing, MUSIC, reading and writing poetry, The Crow (my favorite movie), and a lot of other things that I would love to tell you about more. I enjoy meeting new people and learning things about them. I am a very open minded person. Well I can't think of anything else to tell if you have any quetsions just ask me. *S* Love and Darkness....True Love Never Dies

Lord Gwyddion

City: Carrollton

County: Carroll

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 Merry Meet,       Well you have entered my realm, let me welcome you as "he who welcomed her", for I am glad that you are here. Now let me tell you more about me, I am an Eclectic Wiccan who practices mostly Solitary, but work with many groups around the southeastern US, I enjoy the company of likeminded people, so drop me a line at anytime, May all be blessed with that which you seek.....Lord Gwyddion.  "In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust"



City:Franklin park


I'm a 19 year old wiccan from franklin park,IL i've been practicing wicca for about 3 years now i'm looking for young people to start a coven with me in my area please contact me with your info at

Kristen Emery




Single mother....trying to find out who I am. wanting to know more.


Anjala Batchfield-Dick




I have so many questions and I don't know where to start. I had somethings happen during my meditation and I would really like some one to help expalin them to me.





I am a 18 year old witch from Northwest Indiana and I am looking for others in my area.





I am a single professional wiccan. i like books and music. i dont know just ask lol






Well this is gonna be really brief. I have been learning about the pagan faith since i was 6 and now that i am 23 i have been finding others solitary or not, that i can trust and share my views with. I don't like to talk about what i belive or know until i get to know a person better and feel they are really willing to learn or are trustworthy. I also find myself running into lots of ppl that just want to know what paganism and witchcraft is all about and i let them into a little bit of my life. Other than that if you want to know more you will have to get to know me a bit and let me decide if i trust you.

If you are in any state and just want to get to know me or learn more and are honestly willing to hear what i have to say and respect who i am then feel free to email me.

Michael Shelley




Midnight Rose




Hi, my name is Midnight Rose, well thats my wiccan name of course. I'm 14, and looking for a partner and friends, also if anyone knows of a wiccan place of worship, like a church in my area, please e-mail me. Blessed be!


Black Rose

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City: Boon

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I'm Virgin-star and have just recently started my path in Wicca. I'm 21 yrs. old. and I'm a single mother. I'm looking for a teacher, someone to teach me the why. To be strong in my faith. Also looking for others in my area.


Midnight Silver

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Just like to meet new people. Including around MO. Searching for friends but dont want to start a group :)






47 year old skyclad pagan, coven elder, a seeker of knowledge. Interest include Native American, Keltic, mountain magick lores as well as gardening, cat shows, social nudism, pagan festivals and nudist resorts, reikki, massage, herbs, and natural healings. Every one welcomed to reply.


Lady Ana

City:las vegas


this is me reaching out to all other sojourners like myself who are searching for community, friends and love of all kinds. i want to join a drumming circle. i need female friends for support and grounding. i am bi-sexual but not for just any girl. i've come a long way in this life time and want to surround myself with other conquerers who need positive energy to deal with the negative we must face. i have practiced tantra and got far with it but i am now alone again. i am 25 5'2" 110lb hazel eyes dark blond athletic

Marti Evans-Conley




Merry Meet,   I'm Crone Priestess of 55 years of age.I am new to the Reno area and looking for other women to maybe start a wisewomen circle and to share knowlege with. I basicly lean towards the Celtic.But feel all paths lead to one. I enjoy camping and hiking the energies that fill my spirit when amoung the forests soothe me.Hope to connect with others of kindred spirit in my area                   Blessed be,MoonOwl

New Jersey

Sorcha WordGoddess

County : Atlantic


 Greetings! I am currently a solitary, mother of two little witchlings. We homeschool in Atlantic county and are hoping to meet other Pagan families in NJ (fairly nearby). It would be great to meet other homeschoolers, but we hope at least to find other Pagans to become friends with. It is my hope to possibly start a family-oriented group and/or study group...possibly a circle at some point and/or a coven. We are fairly Eclectic and are very Goddess-oriented but are open to all Pagan paths in our potential friends. Guess that's it. Looking forward to hearing from you! iHn... Sorcha

Nancy T. Griffith




Greetings, I am currently a Solitary Wiccan, searching for like minded people in the area of Atlanic County, or other neighboring counties. Hope to see you at the 2002 Beltane Festival, Blessed Be, Nancy.

AngelRoze aka Amy




Merry Meet !!!! I am seeking other wiccans/witches in the South Jersey area to exchnage ideas. I am new to Wicca and Witchcraft and am looking for guidence. All I ask is th at you be over 18 as I am 31. Hope to hear from soon. Blessed Be

Mike Spallone




12/14/02 Hey, I will be 15 in january, Looking for people to exange experiences and info to help eachother. I dont have many wiccan friends, only about 2. I am fairly new (barly a year) and i am willing to learn and am but i need somone to give advice, and share with. Well give me an e-mail if your interested.





I am new to the Wiccan beliefs and practices. I have been trying to teach myself but I believe I have hit a spiritual rut. I would like to meet others to help me develop my beliefs and expand my knowledge of Wiccan tradition.




I'm 14/f... Ive been practicing for 2 years now, I was introduced to it by my grandmother and am misunderstood by many of my friends. I'm hoping to find some people in my age group that also practice Wicca.





Merry Meet to all, I am 20 years old, been married for 2 years. My magical path is Wicca. I have rarely met other real Wiccans. I will be more than happy to talk with anyone who e-mails me. Blessings, Autumn

Amber Morgaine

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I am a 26 year old, female, solitary, eclectic witch. I have been practicing the Craft for 14 years. I love my faith and it brings me great joy every day. I am fun loving and love to laugh. But I also enjoy good inteligent conversations. (Even though I can't I enjoy close friends, my family and spending quality time alone with my thoughts and dreams. I love all kinds of music. Music evokes the soul in many ways, and I enjoy the full range of that. I have to admit I was raised on good old fashioned rock and role. And I still love it.       I am looking for others that I can connect with on a spiritual and emotional level as friends, kindreds and alike. Please do not E-mail me if you are not over 18. I do not hold anything against young people I have just had bad incounters with those not mature enough yet to understand some things, and although I am sure you are mature in your own right. I can't take that chance with the present conditions within my life. Thank you for understanding and not taking offence. None was meant by my request.



County:Cape May County


I am a natural witch who thought she was alone in our community except for a select few. I practice an informal I guess you could say instinctual kind of worship i am loosly guided by my motheras to the wiccan holidays and observances. I believe we have many lives and many choices I strive for inner peace security and to find and create beauty truth and love in this world.I am not interested in anything that requires to much organization I am a "fly by the seat of my pants" magical practicioner and am largely guided by my own heart.{ouch}I have special talents with animals and constantly awed by the majestic beauty of their spirits. I am a married woman with three angel babies [some people would disagree with that description} and of course my familiars who have walked with me through many lifepaths. I am interested in runes and in meeting with others to celebate both holidays and life in general.I am also hoping to met the person who chooses justice as an email address.It is bold and strong word . Justice is somthing i seelittle of.thankyou Goddess be with you.

New York





I am finding that I am drawn to the Wiccan religion and I am trying to find out everything I can. I have been reading books, but am realizing that I would rather learn with others who are knowledgeable of the Craft, rather than learn as a solitary. I looking for a coven in my area. I am a 34 year old woman, unemployed at the moment. I am in a relationship and my partner is also curious about Wicca.

North Carolina





I am a solitary 22year old wiccan looking for like-minded people to discuss art,music and the Lady. I've never been to a circle but have been looking for one. Unfortunately there's not a listing in the phone book;)


City:Carolina Beach

County:New Hanover


I am a 10yr Solitary seeking Magikal Souls in my area to sit by the Ocean & share Wisdom. May the Goddess shine Her Bright Light on Us so that Our Paths shall meet at the Crossroads...


Rev. Jessica






City: Elizabeth

County: Allegheny

Email Address:

I'm an 18 year old female looking for friends with the same or similar beliefs. I love to read, write, listen to music, and i'm very eager to learn and always willing try new things.

Melinda Sands




I am new to the craft and looking for someone to mentor me in the ways of Wicca. Even if your not close you can mentor me through e-mail.Blessed Be

Nicole Etolen


City:East Stroudsburg



I'm the only Pagan in a Catholic family and am basically looking for people in the area who share common interests. Aside from being Pagan, I like punk music, edit my own zine, love animals and am a vegetarian. I also love to read, and am a movie junkie as well. I can't think of anything else.





i'm a parital practicer of the wiccan beliefs and am looking for others to talk to. i'm fun-loving, kind hearted, good natured, and sweet. i'm 18 and have been researching the religion since the age of 13. i hope to eventually join a coven and become a full time practicanor.





merry meet! i am 16 years old have been a practicer since i was nine. i am a wiccan by blood but my mentor died before i could know what i was. since then i have been trying to find out what my power is and how i can use it. i know alot to help others but i still need work. blessed be!











I have been studying Wicca for about 2 years. I mainly observe the 8 Sabbats right now. I am reading about the magickal aspect of Wicca and would like to meet a friend/teacher that could help me expand in that area. Now about me: Im 32, have 2 children and am happily married. I would like to get in touch with someone from my area and who is around my age. BLESSED BE:)





I am a solitare, a practicing Wiccan of an ecclectic nature. I have not chosen a given tradition, as I just wanted to learn the general in the beginning before finding a group. Anything else you would like to know, I will be glad to answer via email. I am moving into a new area, so for now I am looking for people with similar ideas, well at least open minded. Once I am settles, who knows.




Searching for friends or hoping to start a group 200206301423441   I picked the name Vanilla and for now Candleberry as a last. Legaly it is Christopher Gonzales which really is not to far from being a good discriptive one. People call me that or just Chris not that I enjoy either version of that name.   I have had and may still do what are in my opinon phycological problems that have victomised me.   I have been on an intersting of journal writting that led me to come to conclusion of my opinon on life and the such.   As a result of that I decided to chose a religon to aid me in my atempt to become "normal" and to be able to live in a world that has seemed uterly pointless to me. Of avalable resorses I decided that that religon will be Witchcraft. I am hesitant to call my self a Witch now; but my goal is to let myself call myself that.   I have had a time like anyother I think. I seek to develope friedships and the such.   This is a large undertaking for me since I am monogomus to the point of insanity. As a reslut one looking for "romantic" intrest in me will be disapointed since I might aswell be considered a widow.   Witchcraft in its discripton is far form my vison of perfecton. But it is the best one out there. I am ready to givein to being alive and human. I belive I will find human normalcy in unperfection. Since I must die at some time it seems "illogical" to rush to that state. So I will learn to live.   About my self. I am a true vegitarian and nudist (An unsexual tearm or at lest is soposed to be translation: to live Skyclad). I played a Concert Flute that is in need of a overhull which is why I used the word played. I like Apple and have no type of cumputing device at all. I have not found enjoyment in televison at all. Even the News is below my insainly high standereds. What most people referto as Clasical music is the type that I like. Music is another languge to me and so like it to be complicated and efective at transmitting thought.   Victoria, Texas January twenty-frist of nineteen-eightyfour, on a saturday. I have been described a boring which has actually been a good discripton.   Plesae only true, detacated intrest. Lee is my legal middle name. Though a devoted Witch is perfered others are welcome.   I perfer to consider my self a "equalist" in all areas including that of apperence. Since for some reson it is of importance to some people I will include a vage physical discripton.   Five point six, five has been my aproximate hight. My eyes are a dark brown as is my hair altough it is most noticiable brown in our stars' light and much less when indoors. I have been told I am underweight although I do have quite of a belly look. I am balding but would like long hair and ironicly I have a moteratly hairy body.   I really would though like to hear from atlest one female who dose or has not at some time shaved or used makeup. I am quite the propnent of "all natural is 'beautiful' it seems.   I am the only one of my type at my residence and not only in Witchcraft so I literaly would be quite the solitar even if I had not decided to embark on a ship of religon.   Long is okay but I garente that at this time short responce is not at all shuned upon.   I am one for order and constant recording for historical resons if not others. That is unlikely to be possible thouth this mediume as un foutunate as that is. So if you desire to it is best to keep your own records.   I am at a public libary in the place called Weslaco so do not be discurged at a slow responce. I intend to respond whatever I may recive. My skin tone is reletively light. Epheses on reletive regarding my region of this state and contry to put it kindly. An example, "Are you White?" and my responce would be "White?". It had been a common question.   I do not feel right with eating up somuch space so will stop now. My frist and only computer was in ninty-seven. it had a one point five gigabyte harddrive and a seventy-five megaherts pentium processer. It was a disgusted handmedown but something and a Packerd Bell. I liked the external desine. 200206301545571






Um...hmm. I don't usually like talking about me. Rare, I know... My info is on my homepage, and if you really want to know about me you can IM me whenever you see one of my sn's...which are all listed on my homepage as well. I'm looking for witchy friends and snugglers...and somewhere else to live. :P Preferably with someone who frequents the local Drum Circle on Mondays, and maybe the Pagan Community meetings on Fridays. Hope to talk to anyone in my area...feel free to email me too.:)