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Desert Witches



Desert Witches is a group for pagans in southwestern Arizona--Yuma, Somerton, and surrounding areas; and nearby California--El Centro, Imperial, and other surrounding areas.  This is a place for all pagans to meet others like themselves (especially down here where it is often hard to find fellow pagans), share information and news, learn more about their religion, and just have fun!






THE place for pagans in the Yuma Arizona area to find out information on festival gatherings, study groups, coffee meetings and access to the email list. YPN also hosts an ever expanding online BOS.

Lady StarWoulfe

Website Address:




I'm a 48y/o practicing Witch in the Mohsian tradition, in the deserts of Arizona. I am forming my own coven this month and am anxious to begin teaching the ways of the Olde Ones.


Website Address:




My name is RainbowSpiritChild and I and my partner MagickBehr have started the Arizona Radical Faeries, a gay men's spiritual group here in Phoenix, AZ. It is open to all gay men and gay friendly men who want to share in male spiritual space. For discussion of male spirituality, gay paganism, gay ritual, etc.


Rev. Annie Nichols

City:Mountain Home



Ordained Priestess in the Eclectic Wiccan Order of the Melting Cauldron Coven, Priestess of Dragonfly Falls Coven. DFC follows an Eclectic Wiccan Tradition of our own design, we lean heavily on the Celtic, Faerie and Shamanistic Traditions, but we incorporate aspects of any trad that feels right to us. If you are interested in joining DFC, please email me. The privacy of our members is honored in all ways, so we will correspond via email and set up a meeting in person down the line. My the Goddess hold you in the palm of Her hand...Rev. Annie


Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie

Website Address:


County: Los Angeles


A collective effort of each of its priestess, Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie follows an eclectic spiritual path with a focus on woman-energy, goddess archetypes, and the maid-mother-crone cycle, creating their own mythology and traditions where needed as they walk and weave their convoluted paths. This woman-only group tries to find a way to make the goddess relevant to their lives here and now as modern day suburban witches, through art, music, poetry, or other symbolism and metaphor, and is committed to sharing positive magic, affirming the goddess within, celebrating the seasons of the earth, and enjoying one another's energy.


Search 4 Wiccan Truth



We are a new teen coven called Search 4 Wiccan Truth and looking for new members in the Denver area. If you would like more information you can email me. Anyone and everyone is welcome!


The Circle of the Sapphire Star

Website Address:

City: Newark

County: New Castle


The Circle of the Sapphire Star is a Wiccan Coven in Northern Delaware that is dedicated to the idea of Service; working toward serving others is integral to the structure of the group.

We work to attune ourselves with the Earth, Moon, Sun and the cycles of the heavens, with other Realms, and with each other. Sapphire Star is dedicated to the understanding that education is the key to ensuring the future of Wicca as a viable religious choice. We do not worship one pantheon, but are eclectic in our approach and call upon deities and pantheons that best suit our workings. Qabala and Astrology are integral parts of who we are, as well as foci of our educationals. We see covens not just as an avenue to explore the religion of Wicca, but as a place to train those who seek to become Wiccan clergy, through the path of Initiation.

Our hope is that The Circle of the Sapphire Star becomes a beacon to assist people on their path of personal growth, as well as to help deepen individual and group understanding and connection to the Sacred that is within, as well as without.


Enchanted Starlight Coven

Website Address:  




We are a Traditional Gardnerian Coven with a limited number of openings in our Outer Court each year for sincere seekers. Please see our Web page for more information.

House Shadow Drake

Website Address:




House Shadow Drake is a welsh-Irish traditional household for seekers to the religion of Witchcraft, The household hosts groves on a semi-annual basis throughout the year. Grove attendance is by either application or invitation. Groves are semi-formal led discussion groups which allow the household to interact with select individuals within the Heathen community. The groves are always held in a public location, and are provided to selected applicants free of charge. We do not believe in "pay to pray." House Shadow Drake is currently accepting applications for grove attendance. The online application can be accessed by going to To learn more about House Shadow Drake, please visit our main website at or contact us directly with any questions.

Also, you may contact House Shadow Drake by sending a SASE to PO Box 291323, Temple Terrace, FL 33678-1323


The Witch Niche





The Witch Niche is a loose-knit organization dedicated to promoting religious tolerance through it's actions and content. As alternative religions continue to grow, we believe that social and political pressures can be overcome through respect and understanding between differing viewpoints. While our perspective is largely a Pagan one, we hope to foster mutual respect and information exchange between Pagan and Christian entities. We believe that the best hope for our religious freedom is a larger understanding of our beliefs and a dispelling of general misinformation regarding Pagan religions.


Pagans and Wiccans in the Treasure Valley


Pagan Pizza is a great way to meet other Pagans and Wiccans in the Treasure Valley.

We meet the second Friday of every month at Idaho Pizza Company, 4218 Overland Rd., Boise, ID.

The fun starts at 7:30 so order and pay for your food at the front counter and then join us in the banquet room. Announcements and introductions begin at 8:00.

This is an adult event. Be warned: the jokes get bawdy. If you must bring your children, please carefully supervise them at all times. Do not expect others to watch your children for you.


Coalition of Rainbow Pagans c/o Keshet

Website Address:




The Coalition of Rainbow Pagans is an open Ecclectic Wiccan Circle focusing on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) Spirituality.

Chi-PP c/o Lori Dake

website address:




Home of the Chicago-area Pagan Parents and Kids Group (The Chi-PP) - organizers of Real-Time events for Chicago's Pagan Youth. Also provides information, fun and humor for the global Pagan community - since 1996.


Caer Vedis

Website Address:




Caer Vedis is a group of like minded people in Kansas and the surrounding area. This group is a teaching and learning environment for a Pagan spiritual path. This group is intended to be a place to share ideas and discuss current events in our lives and the Pagan community, also a place to work together, learn and teach together. We seek to provide a group that is supportive and friendly for not only ourselves but the local Pagan community. Caer Vedis means home of the spirit of the forest. This group has similarities to covens and groves in it's structure and goals. Even though the name is a combination of Celtic and Irish names, this group is not necessarily a tradition focused group. The main teacher for this group is Soseneda Arianrhod. She will be teaching from her personal belief and practice system. This group will also have many guest teachers, and together we will explore other traditions and practices. Part of being a member here is being not only a student but a teacher also. Also check out our group on egroups at VedisBeggings or CaerVedis


Sylvan Circle

Website Address:

City: Columbia

County: Howard

Email Address:

Simply put, what we offer at Sylvan Circle is an egalitarian and empowering environment to worship, with traditional teachings and the opportunity to learn and grow through a degreed traditional system. We make coven decisions by consensus. We believe in power with, not power over. As every tree is an essential part of the forest, so is every member an essential part of our circle.

The Circle Witches Coven


city: Frederick

The Circle Witches is a Coven/StudyGroup devoted to the understanding, practice and learning of the ways of Witchcraft (Authentic Witchcraft, Esoteric and Ecletic Truths) (magic(k) isn't what you know it's why you know and how you are... (Thankyou)




County:Hennepin Co.

CUUPS-TwinCities is a community celebrating Sacred Cosmos. We offer classes for adults and children, New and Full Moon rituals, 8 festivals a year, and camping retreats. We also publish CUUPS-TWINCITIES PAGAN NEWS at Our rituals and children's programs are offered on a donation basis. We meet at First Unitarian Society, 900 Mt. Curve, Mpls

Triskellion Wicca

City: Minneapolis

Email Address:

Triskellion is a 25 year old traditional coven. We teach classes at no charge per class,are open for healings and perform legal handfastings. We are occasionaly open to guests.


Magnolia Grove CUUPS Chapter`

Website Address:


County: Warren

Email Addres:

Magnolia Grove CUUPS meets twice a month; once for gaming, fun, and fellowship and once for discussion and ritual.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. If you would like more info please contact Rev. Ahrianna Spiritsong at


Junniper Leigh Starr

website address:

City: Reno

County: Washoe

Email Address:

We do in town (and surrounding areas) gatherings as well as online classes and mentorship. the web page is your friend, check it out. OR e-mail me with any question you may have.

New Jersey

Sisters of the Harvest Coven Website:


Coven of the Mystic Grove

Website Address:

City:Villas/North Cape May area

County:Cape May


The Coven of the Mystic Grove is a non-heirarchial Withcraft coven in Cape May County, New Jersey. Our purpose is to worship the Goddess and God, work with the elements, teach all who wish to be taught, and thrive as a close ever growing family. We call both the Goddess and God and reserve specific aspects when the need calls for it. We meet for every Sabbat and Esbat unless circumstances beyond our control cause otherwise. We meet in several locations, both indoor and outdoor in the area of Cape May County. We offer both full-time and branch membership as well as free student training for those wanting to be members. Non-membership students will be charged a small fee for our time and supplies. Students training under the Coven of the Mystic Grove may attend Esbats prior to their initiation however Sabbats are coven members only. Please see our website for more info and current events! We currently have openings for new members and students so you may email with your info (Name, age, location, beliefs, and any other important information)





  Merry Meet! We are a group of Witches who gather to celebrate Sabbats and Moons. We are a focused group who enjoys life with the Lady and Lord's blessings. We are open to new members 18+ and solitaries who are looking to celebrate Sabbats with a group. If interested and would like more info feel free to e mail us! Blessed Be! There is teaching available!

Princeton Pagan Book Group





We are a Pagan/Wiccan book discussion group/networking group that meets once a month in the Princeton area. Please email Maddini for information on book titles and directions or go to the website link for updated meeting information.

************NEED INFORMATION**************My name is Lori Walter. I am a pagan and I work for the Federal government as a Wage and Hour Technician. This coming fiscal year we are having a "faith-based" initiative to educate people in New Jersey on the laws we enforce. Various religious groups are being contacted to find ways of educating the people that follow them. For example, the Catholic diocese in the Cumberland area may be contacted in order to educate the Mexicans who are working as migrant workers on farms. Also, the Hindu community in Middlesex County is to be contacted because of the amount of H-1b visa recipients who follow that religion. I would love to participate in this but have absolutely no statistics as to the occupations & pay rates of pagans such as myself in the southern New Jersey area. These numbers would give me a way to possibly focus on helping other pagans with wage or hour problems and providing the information to educate them about the laws. Does anyone know if there are statistics about us anywhere publicly? Do we know of any surveys (official or otherwise) where this information has been accumulated?
Lori Walter
Wage & Hour Technician
(609) 989-2247

New York



City:New York

County:New York


GODDESSY is an Astrology - New Age - Spiritual - Metaphysical web site that offers the most unique and powerful news, articles, information, membership, FREE gifts, products (aromatherapy oil, incense, custom-blended herbs, spiritual jewelry, art), services (ancient Egyptian tarot card readings, love readings, love compatibility charts, astrological birth charts, dream interpretations, name interpretations, numerology reports, personalized spiritual information, spiritual workshops, web designing, advertising) advice, discussion forums and more! GODDESSY is more than just a metaphysical web store, it is a community. And most of all, it is a way of life.


Lady Jade




I'm a Wiccan High Priestess,practices Celtic and Druid but willing to be electic. I've been practicing for 17 yrs, and studied in many matters. Willing to help any in need.

I'm starting a coven in this area. If you are interested please contact me.


Full Moon and High Tide

Website Address:

City: The Dalles

County: Wasco


We are a Circle of 'eclectic pagans' that meets in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon. We offer classes in 'eclectic paganism 101', lots of info on stones, moon magick and much, much more!!

We do accept new members, over the age of 18. We meet with the person first, then have a trial period to 'try each other on for size'. If it's a fit, we invite the person to join the Circle.

Witches Of The Equinox

Website Address:




We are looking for stable, balanced people who enjoy working with others. People looking for a counseling group or a power trip need not even ask. Although we think that it is important to support our members in their lives, we cannot and will not try to fix your life for you. Only you can change you. We are looking for people who want to make a commitment. We are not telling you to give up your normal life, but we do consider this spiritual work to be important. This means that you are willing to and CAN make time for coven events. We think that each person needs to take their path seriously. This doesn't mean that we don't have fun ,we do!A sense of humor is important. We laugh - a lot. You have to be a practicing witch within the group. We expect members to maintain their own personal spiritual practices - but have to acknowledge that in order to work together, we need to have a common practice as a group. You have to be dedicated to your own learning. Knowledge comes from self-discipline and practice.


Eclectic Witches of PA

Website Address:

City:Franklin/Oil City/Titusville



Hello, just wanted to introduce us. We are a coven that formed January of this year through the website. We hold an average of 1 open meeting, 2 workshops, 1 discussion group, 1 children's group and 1 council meeting per month. We also host a gathering with balefires, music, feasting, ritual drama, games, crafts and folklore for each sabbat. We are also interesting in starting a tradition by this summer. we would like to host a gathering over a weekend in July where all the groups/solitaires in NW PA come together to meet, learn and interact. The details are still fuzzy at the moment, but we believe that this could grow large very quickly.

Mystic's Cove Pagan Network

Website Address:

City:Franklin/Oil City/Titusville/Seneca

County:Based in Venango Co.


Our group is called Mystic's Cove Pagan Network and we're open to new members or circles/groups. We meet once a month to talk 'witchy' at the Franklin Bonanza's resturant (venango county). Our activities include: monthly meetup 2 monthly wicca refresher courses workshops Halloween Bash Beltane Gathering Pagan Pride BBQ & Fundraiser Midsummer Money Club (enables members to attend the Pagan Spirit Gathering over Midsummer in Ohio) and many other last minute events. We also publish a yearly member directory and monthly newsletter packed with goodies. We're growing fast and would love to have you check us out. Please reply to this email if you or anyone you know would be interested!!! Love & Blessings...      Myst Lizard      Lead Coordinator,      Mystic's Cove Pagan Network


Dragon Palm Circle

Website Address:




Dragon Palm Circle is an eclectic teaching coven. We formed in Lake Worth, Fl in 1997 and moved to Sevierville, TN in 1999. We have several ordained ministers within the Coven and perform handfastings, wiccanings and other rites of passage. We have our own chat room located at: and a mailing list at eGroups under the name: dragonpalm.


Betwixt & Between





Betwixt & Between: a destination for those who dare to swim out past the mainstream. While we enjoy a membership that comprised of mostly folks who call themselves Pagan, we are also drummers, dancers, gamers, dead heads, musicians, Goddess Worshipers, and a host of seekers who still haven't defined themselves. Betwixt & Between is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community center founded in 1997 to provide a meeting place where people could come together to share, celebrate, rejoice and learn in an atmosphere of understanding, civility and respect. Our mission is to build bridges of understanding between all people regardless of political, religious or cultural affiliation. During the course of this adventure called Betwixt & Between, the organization has come to represent the cutting-edge, and next step, in the growth and maturing of our community, and serves as a model and guiding light for the growth and organization of other pagan communities across the country and around the world. We could not do any of this without the support and strength of our own community. At Betwixt & Between the seeker on the path will find comprehensive support in cases of religious discrimination, an array of educational classes taught by respected leaders in our community, merchants who will happily assist you in procuring items for your personal and spiritual needs, as well as, spiritual and social events designed to encourage fellowship among members of our community.   Hours: Monday -Closed Tuesday - 5:00pm-10:00pm Wednesday - 5:00pm-10:00pm Thursday - 5:00pm-10:00pm Friday - 5:00pm-2:00am Saturday - 5:00pm-2:00am (please check calendar for earlier activities) Sunday - please check calendar for scheduled activities Class Schedule: Wicca 101 - The first and third Tuesday of the month Craft 201 - The second Tuesday of the month Belly Dancing - Wednesday evenings Goddess Box Women's Group - The fourth Tuesday of the Month Tarot Class - The second and fourth Thursday of the month Sign Language Class - The first and third Thursday of the Month Special guest speakers, workshops and classes monthly. Betwixt & Between Community Center, 4307 Belmont, Dallas TX 75204 (214) 821-3340, . Please visit us at our website, our physical location, or on the yahoogroups list: Located at Peak and Belmont, just behind the City Place Loews Theater at Haskell and 75. Mapsco location: 36Z or 45D for an approach from Haskell Avenue.






We are a small group of eclectic wiccans located at the southernmost tip of Texas.

Mystical Sight

City:east of Houston



We are a fairly new group (started by fairly old witches) giving wiccans from all backgrounds a gathering place to take classes, learn, exchange ideas, work together to help the environment and the community, and celebrate the Wise Ones, the Wheel of the Year, and the Spirits of Nature. Solitaries are always welcome.

The Church of The United Pagan/Wiccan Alliance




We practice and teach the basic wiccan and pagan belifes we are an open door to anyone who wishes to join. For an application and information please e-mail us. Our goal is to unite the people, becuse their is more power in bigger numbers. We have followers from all over the world come join us on our quest for unity.