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City: Anaheim

County: Orange


Merry Meet, am searching for others that believe that there beliefs are a important part of them and are not willing to disregard them due to others opinions. Always searching for new friends whom can share time with as well as share knowledge. Blessed Be and May the Goddess watch over you all and yours.

Ann-Michelle Bird

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I'm interested in finding any covens, groups, organizations or people in my area that are like minded. My interests and inclinations are towards the native american cultures, since my worship is primarily outdoors and my rituals tend to be around yearly firewalks, full moon ceremonies, soltice celebrations, women's healing circles, guided meditations and animal medicine. I have a hard time meeting men who think like me. I am considered to be a bit odd by a lot of my acquaintances. I am in the media business, and don't tend to form long term personal realationships with people I work with. I know I was a witch in a previous life (and was burned for it) and I am one in this life. I am strongly attracted to the celtic goddess forms such as wicca, pagan, etc, but need more guidance. I am occasionally gifted with 'the sight' and am considered clairsensitive. I'm over 50, butlook and act 40. I treat my body as the temple that the Goddess gave me to use in this life and I am blessed with not only being very healthy and fit, but also very attractive, vibrant and alive! Any thing else you want to know about me just ask. I want to meet people in my area like me, looking for people like myself who worship outside, who have specific rituals they do and want to share it with an avid student of the goddess and metaphysical. I would also like to meet my mate, I know he's out there somewhere.



City: Plainfield

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City: Cumming

County: Forsyth

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I am 17 and I live in North Ga. I have been a solitare Wiccan for 5 years. I have never been in a coven but that doesn't mean that I don't want to. I don't really know that many pagans or wiccans around me. I have many interest and I am open to new ones. I love star gazing, astronomy, drawing, MUSIC, reading and writing poetry, The Crow (my favorite movie), and a lot of other things that I would love to tell you about more. I enjoy meeting new people and learning things about them. I am a very open minded person. Well I can't think of anything else to tell if you have any quetsions just ask me. *S* Love and Darkness....True Love Never Dies






I am a 18 year old witch from Northwest Indiana and I am looking for others in my area.






I'm Virgin-star and have just recently started my path in Wicca. I'm 21 yrs. old. and I'm a single mother. I'm looking for a teacher, someone to teach me the why. To be strong in my faith. Also looking for others in my area.

New Jersey

AngelRoze aka Amy




Merry Meet !!!! I am seeking other wiccans/witches in the South Jersey area to exchnage ideas. I am new to Wicca and Witchcraft and am looking for guidence. All I ask is th at you be over 18 as I am 31. Hope to hear from soon. Blessed Be

Amber Morgaine

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I am a 26 year old, female, solitary, eclectic witch. I have been practicing the Craft for 14 years. I love my faith and it brings me great joy every day. I am fun loving and love to laugh. But I also enjoy good inteligent conversations. (Even though I can't I enjoy close friends, my family and spending quality time alone with my thoughts and dreams. I love all kinds of music. Music evokes the soul in many ways, and I enjoy the full range of that. I have to admit I was raised on good old fashioned rock and role. And I still love it.       I am looking for others that I can connect with on a spiritual and emotional level as friends, kindreds and alike. Please do not E-mail me if you are not over 18. I do not hold anything against young people I have just had bad incounters with those not mature enough yet to understand some things, and although I am sure you are mature in your own right. I can't take that chance with the present conditions within my life. Thank you for understanding and not taking offence. None was meant by my request.



City: Elizabeth

County: Allegheny

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I'm an 18 year old female looking for friends with the same or similar beliefs. I love to read, write, listen to music, and i'm very eager to learn and always willing try new things.





merry meet! i am 16 years old have been a practicer since i was nine. i am a wiccan by blood but my mentor died before i could know what i was. since then i have been trying to find out what my power is and how i can use it. i know alot to help others but i still need work. blessed be!





Will turn 50 May 11 2003.....getting too old to be this alone..... Wanting to live in the Forest with like minded that is non materialistic....someone that can Love and be Loved back...... Non Smoker... Non Drinker.... Son grown and gone..wish the same... If ya gotta have Internet..T.V..... Telephone and lots of neighbors...sorry wouldnt work out..... But if ya like peace and quite and the Old Ways....lifes sweet.....





I am a solitare, a practicing Wiccan of an ecclectic nature. I have not chosen a given tradition, as I just wanted to learn the general in the beginning before finding a group. Anything else you would like to know, I will be glad to answer via email. I am moving into a new area, so for now I am looking for people with similar ideas, well at least open minded. Once I am settles, who knows.






Um...hmm. I don't usually like talking about me. Rare, I know... My info is on my homepage, and if you really want to know about me you can IM me whenever you see one of my sn's...which are all listed on my homepage as well. I'm looking for witchy friends and snugglers...and somewhere else to live. :P Preferably with someone who frequents the local Drum Circle on Mondays, and maybe the Pagan Community meetings on Fridays. Hope to talk to anyone in my area...feel free to email me too.:)